So you have made the decision to join your life to your partner’s forever? A wedding is always a special event longed for by the couple, as well as the family and relatives. Everyone wants to see how the couple unite their lives and enjoy a fun party. While the union of their lives is already something special, organizing a beach wedding in Los Cabos is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Why choose Los Cabos for your wedding?

Los Cabos is located at the tip of the Baja California peninsula, a setting in which the desert meets the sea, creating a romantic and unforgettable environment. Can you imagine a golden sunset, with dyed clouds in a shade that oscillates between pink and purple, and the waves crests turning into foam on the coast, as you walk in your white dress to hold the hand of the love of your life?

The atmosphere of a sunset on the beaches of Los Cabos is idyllic. The sea, the sand and the sun hiding on the horizon are the best allies so that the most special day of your life is a success and an event that you will never forget.

On the other hand, a wedding in Los Cabos implies more intimacy, which will only be accompanied by their closest loved ones and will not sneak people you do not have on your guest list. It’s even the perfect setting to begin your honeymoon, away from the hustle and bustle of the city as well as the worries of work.

In addition to the above, when organizing a wedding in Los Cabos, the decoration will not be a major problem since the landscape is already gorgeous: fine white sand, a sea with crystal clear waters, spectacular sunsets. In such a majestic context, choosing the decorative details requires little effort and investment; Of course, if you opt for a ceremony on the beach, you will also be getting a plus in terms of photographs, as there will be no white nor rigid backgrounds, or forced poses. The immensity of the ocean and the splendor of a blue sky will be the greatest allies for you to have movie memories.

Obviously, having a photo shoot on the beach will be an unforgettable and wonderful memory of your special day.

What you should consider

Have you already convinced yourself that organizing your wedding in Los Cabos will be a wonderful experience? In order to make your dreams come true, we recommend you consider:

Organize every detail

  • Contact a wedding planner. Unless you have family in Los Cabos, even if you travel frequently and you have been there before, you will need help to find the ideal place for the wedding, contact the suppliers and shape the event.
  • Plan the event at least one year in advance. Planning is important, and even more so if you live in another city and decide to get married in Los Cabos as this makes it difficult to visit the locations, contact with suppliers and schedule all preparations in general.
  • Beach alternatives for every budget. Your wedding planner can help you find the ideal type of beach for the wedding of your dreams. In Los Cabos there are many options due to the fact that it has become popular as a venue for destination weddings.
  • Choose your wedding time. This is a key point to the experience, since it is not the same to get married just with a sunset in the background, than with the stars, together with flashlights and campfires.
  • Legal contract. Before hiring a service, read the contract carefully, solve all your questions and make sure that the products and services characteristics you are going to hire are specified. That´s where the importance of the wedding planner is crucial as it will ensure that suppliers are reliable, punctual and offer quality in each service.

Beach wedding

Arrange the necessary permits to get married

Again, the wedding planner can help you regarding permits for a beach wedding. In Los Cabos you will find different places that already have municipal authorization to hold events, and you must advise yourself on what is allowed and not. This is due to the natural environment and the ecological care that must be taken, such as not generating excessive noise, not throwing garbage or disturbing the fauna or marine species.

Now, have you ever wondered if you will celebrate a civil or religious wedding? Here we suggest you take into account that each State has its constitution, Civil Registry requirements and witnesses, so there could be difficulties for a civil union; In addition, if, in the worst case, the couple decides to get divorced, it would be very difficult to travel again to do the procedure. In general, we recommend a religious wedding or, why not?, the renewal of your wedding vows.

Wedding dress and groom suit for beach wedding

Probably this is one of the most important reasons to organize a perfect wedding on the beach. The wonderful hot, humid and sandy environment is ideal for casual dress, leaving aside the extravagant white dresses for simpler ones, without detracting from the elegance of the outfit.

In general, the dress and the groom´s suit they will wear on the beach will be very different from one they would wear in a party hall: for women, a short, or non-dragging dress will help them move easily in the sand without worrying about getting dirty; light fabrics will give them freshness, especially if they choose to wear a veil; low shoes, espadrilles or sandals with platform will help them feel comfortable and enjoy their event even more than if they wore huge heeled shoes.

A beige or white suit, whether cotton or linen, will not only make them look beautiful, but they will be comfortable and fresh to enjoy their wedding. Like the bride, the groom can wear closed shoes, Swedish shoes or sandals.

Wedding Banquet

Weddings on the beach merit a fresh, natural and delicious banquet, so, nothing better than the sea dishes: seafood, fish, fruits, white or rosé wine. The ideal are the buffet or cocktail menus, which are easier to organize and adapt to the informal, but elegant style of the wedding.

Decoration for wedding on the beach

Decoration in wedding beach

As we said at the beginning, beach weddings need very few decorative elements because the sand and the sea are the perfect setting. However, you need chairs, a small atrium, flowers, white fabrics, among other decorative accessories of very chic bohemian style.

What is the cost of a beach wedding?

As in traditional weddings, the price depends on the number of guests, the beach you choose to get married, the services contracted and the banquet. It could be so simple that you could spend around $ 10,000 pesos or so extravagant that it exceeds one million pesos if it is a luxury wedding with hundreds of guests. That is why planning is important, so that you have service quotes in order to save, pay some and have a budget for the wedding of your dreams.

The price also depends on whether you choose the beach for your wedding and the hotel service apart, vs choosing hotels with beach, or restaurants with food service included.

What is the best date to get married on the beach?

In Los Cabos, any date is perfect for a wedding. However, take into account that the tourist season can influence the final cost of your wedding, since when there are few tourists the prices are usually lower in the accommodation, services and flights. Try to choose your wedding date as far in advance as you can to send the invitations and allow your guests to make their reservations.

For a wedding in Los Cabos, the low months are February, June, November and December, but if you want to get married on dates such as summer, or early spring, you will have to plan well in advance to book the beach and your guests lodging and flights.

How do beach weddings work?

Usually, beach weddings are destination weddings, and are very common in people who reside in different states and travel to get married by the sea. If you plan to get married in Los Cabos, in addition to everything we have told you so far, you must consider the accommodation of your guests; while you should not pay for their transportation or hotel rooms, you should notify them in advance, give them information about airlines and reservations near the wedding event.

Do you dream of getting married on the beach? Get married in Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a Magical Town located just one hour from Cabo San Lucas. With its natural landscapes, it is the perfect setting for a dream wedding on the beach, and to make your dreams come true we invite you to check out all the services of El Faro Beachclub & Spa, a unique place with a virgin beach where you can celebrate events with up to 400 guests.

We also recommend El Mirador Oceanview Restaurant, with an elegant atmosphere and a spectacular view (especially at sunset) where you can make your celebration with up to 200 guests.

And for the experience to be complete, the rooms of Guaycura Boutique Hotel will be the perfect touch for a few days of relaxation, fun in a big way and start a life as a couple with the right foot.

Contact us through our form for more information. This is the best time to plan your dream wedding and in Guaycura we will gladly help you do it.

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