Social Responsibility

Guaycura Boutique Hotel Beach Club & Spa

We believe that in order to offer a lifestyle of health and sustainability, we have to live it and believe in it. Besides offering experiences of contact with nature, the town and our traditions, we engage in activities that benefit our community and the environment on a daily basis. Thanks to your preference, we have been able to do the following things for our town and this little piece of the globe:


Todos Santos is located in a wonderful oasis, and its microclimate is unique in the world. For this reason, we use renewable energy, we support local organizations and we have our organic orchards.

Renewable energy. We are proud to announce that we installed solar panels for Guaycura Hotel and our Sky Lounge Bar in 2018.

0 Carbon Footprint. El Faro Beach Club & Spa works through solar energy.

Turtles. We support Grupo Tortuguero de Todos Santos with services, supplies and materials in order to protect the turtles.

Organic orchards. Organic herbs and vegetables are grown in El Mirador Restaurant´s kitchen garden to prepare our meals with a sense of place.

Water treatment plant. We finance the operation of a water treatment plant in Todos Santos.


We believe in local culture and arts. We promote the formation of young talents and we support the exhibition of local artists. We also support and help organize festivals, cultural events and contests that enrich the cultural life of this beautiful town.


Mango Festival. We support the organizers of this traditional festivity with donations of services, materials and supplies.

FAOT Music Festival. We donate goods and services in order to celebrate this bel canto festival in this magical town.

Todos Santos Film Festival. We give donations of goods and services to this festival so that local, Mexican and Latin American artists can show their work in Todos Santos.

Sangha Yoga Fest. We donate goods and services to support Sangha Yoga Fest in its mission to connect bodies, minds, spirits and the community.

Todos Santos Art Festival. We donate goods and services to this festival in order to promote local talent.

GastroVino Baja Food & Wine Festival. We donate goods and services to support this culinary experience.

Festival BajaMed. Every year we organize a culinary festival to promote the culinary arts in the peninsula.


Handicrafts. Our interiors are decorated with regional oeuvres. You can also find the works of local craftsmen and women at our boutique.
Painting. We exhibit the artwork of local artists and new talents in our gallery.

Photography. We support a #photosantos photo contest in order to promote local talents and to raise consciousness about our cultural and natural heritage.

Film. We donate goods and services to support the local Film School in its production of its latest film (The Little Prince). Do not miss it!

Art & Design: In our boutique, you can also find apparel and articles of clothing from regional and local designers, such as Kinnary or Arte Cumiya.


We are a Mexican enterprise located in Todos Santos that looks for the wellbeing of the community in which we live in. With that in mind, we support local non governmental organizations, schools and our neighbors:

Local organizations

“Pueblos Mágicos” Committee of Todos Santos: We support this civic organization that promotes the implementation of a “Pueblos Mágicos” Program in Todos Santos with lodging, food services and technical support.

Padrino Children´s Foundation: This year, we facilitated El Mirador Oceanview Restaurant for the purpose of holding the 2018 fundraiser dinner of this local organization that provides medical care.

Building Baja´s Future: We support this organization that promotes education with supplies and materials.

Parish of Nuestra Señora del Pilar: We are currently donating supplies and materials for the maintenance of this historic monument.

Los Cabos Humane Society: We support this animal protection organization with supplies and materials.


We support local schools with services, supplies and materials at their fundraising events:

Escuela Primaria Melitón Albáñez.

Escuela Primaria Miguel Hidalgo.

Sierra School of Todos Santos.

Neighbors and neighborhood

Sports. We donate sports equipment to soccer and baseball teams and leagues in the community.

Security. We donate supplies and materials to the delegación municipal of Todos Santos in order to improve the security and cleanliness of the town.

Clothing. We donate products for personal care, clothing and towels to people in need.

Toys. We donate books and toys to children in the community.

We are a Mexican enterprise in Todos Santos and we support local businesses

Every day we collaborate and exchange goods and services with local purveyors so as to promote the economy of our neighbors while offering you the fresh products of local fishermen, the traditional healing wisdom of this land, and our authentic hospitality and warmth. Thanks for your preference!.