Baja Med Cooking Festival

3rd Baja Med Cooking Festival in Todos Santos

Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero, creator of Baja Med cuisine, and Guaycura Boutique Hotel Beachclub & Spa in Todos Santos, have organized an event to delight all senses and celebrate the culture and flavors of Baja California:
The 3rd Baja Med Cuisine Festival in Todos Santos will take place at our charming El Mirador Restaurant on Saturday, November 23rd, starting at 5PM.
On this occasion, El Mirador Restaurant de Todos Santos will host a stellar dinner by Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero, accompanied by a symphony of flavors led by 5 guest Chefs. This banquet will include pairing with wines from Baja California and Europe, and we will keep you informed about the guest artists who will enliven the event with live music.

Star Dinner by Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero, creator of BajaMed

  • Cocktail
  • Symphony of Flavors conducted by 5 guest Chefs:
    • Chef Alberto Collarte from Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa Cabo San Lucas
    • Chef Alfonso Cadena from Carbon Cabrón
    • Chef Luis Armando from Gastro Bar by Martin Berasategui
    • Chef Marina Garnica Duarte from GastroVino Baja Food & Wine Festival
    • Chef Gilberto Morales from Outpost Cabo
  • Valley Wines and European Wines
  • Mixology
  • Live Music
  • Guest Artists

The Baja Med Expedition shows us the journey, 2,800 km by motorcycle for 24 days, crossing Baja California from the Guadalupe Valley to the southern tip of the peninsula in the Magical town of Todos Santos.

Miguel Angel Guerrero, the hunter chef, makes his annual gastronomic trip, diving, fishing and cooking during the day to share dinner-maridaje night after night with his fellow travelers and friends of each locality visited.

During the tour, he will prepare various traditional dishes of his cuisine, exalt the importance of local producers and the mixture as a basis for gastronomic creativity, to culminate this celebration with a golden brooch, with a five-course pairing dinner at El Mirador By Guaycura.

The kitchen called “Baja Med”, seeks to exalt the best of each of the roots and techniques that compose it, to create a gastronomic concept of its own, able to reflect the cosmopolitan lifestyle that characterizes the peninsula.

This Mexican and Mediterranean fusion with oriental accents is based on the mestizaje of cultures and international influences that converge in the peninsula of Baja California. It is the mixture of food, ingredients and styles, which produces a cuisine characterized by frank and original dishes, made with raw material of the best quality from local gardens and fishing of the day.

Cost per person: 85 USD

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